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How anxious you feel in the presence of a “flawed” partner, is YOUR need to solve, not theirs.⁠

November 1, 2023


Stop trying to coach, fix, guide, and give advice when it has not been requested.⁠

⁠Your issue is that witnessing your partner suffering makes you anxious.⁠

⁠So you seek to soothe yourself by trying to change their behaviour. ⁠

⁠AKA: Codependency.⁠

⁠Until your emotions are not so entangled with another person, you won’t be able to see them clearly..⁠

nor help them effectively.⁠

⁠They may be frustrated, angry, depressed, anxious, or going through a rough time and rather unaware of how to move forward…⁠

⁠That’s for them to deal with.⁠

⁠You feel uneasy and uncomfortable witnessing that,⁠

That’s where your work lies.⁠