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What if we got ‘Enlightenment’ all wrong?

November 7, 2017


What if enlightenment was not about seeking oneness and wholeness?

what if that’s already taken care of, once we die.

What if we got it all wrong?

what if our spiritual path is not about struggling to feel one with everything and everyone

and instead, it was about learning to love this false sense of separateness.

becoming in love with the differences. With our individual “I am”

Learning to love other people’s “No”

Learning to love our shortcomings, frustrations, challenges

Learning to love every part of who we are, both light and dark.

Making peace with it, instead of desperately running away from it towards “the light” and the “oneness”

Perhaps only once we have learned to FULLY love our sense of separation, our flaws, other’s flaws, our mistakes, our fucked-up-ness,

Then and only then, we have a chance at becoming whole.

Perhaps, we are here, not to remember that we are one spirit split into millions of souls, but to learn to love all the contrast that comes with being human.

What if learning to love ME being ME, and YOU being YOU, is the epitome of spiritual search?

For if I’m loving myself fully,

am I not, by definition, loving others just the same?

Hmmm. Food for thought!