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From Numbness to Aliveness

November 15, 2018


Transition 🔥

From the mundane to the magical.

From routine to adventure.

From numbness to aliveness.

Nostalgia for what was. Excitement for what’s coming!

Traveling is like a change of seasons for the soul.

In moments like this I cannot help but reflect on my life, and I feel a wide range of emotions.

Sadness… For the people I have left. The mistakes I’ve made. The roads I didn’t take. The moments I missed. The hearts I broke… Joy… For the experiences I have shared. The happiness I have felt. The love I have made. The memories I created. The beauty I have seen… As I sip on a half a liter glass of German beer, I make a toast!

To everything that has led us to where we are 🔥

To everything and everyone who is yet to cross our paths 🔥

Life is short. I’ll be damned if I waste it playing small.