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For the masculine to heal it must go through this journey:

March 27, 2024


– Being taken care of (Boys)
– Learning to take care of themselves (men)
– Learning to take care of others (Men)

On the first phase, the world is there to nourish and provide for him.

His mother tends to his every need and this is healthy – the problem arises when as he ages he stays stuck in here.

It leads to narcissistic behaviour and self-serving attitudes in relationships

Men that expect to have it all without any responsibility or commitment from their part

2nd phase: He MUST leave home

A man cannot grow up until he learns to be self-sufficient – and not dependant on mommy, daddy or even worse: his girlfriend

He must test his mettle and know what he’s made of and this can only happen when the safety nets are removed and he’s forced to face himself

Men in this phase start to learn the power of responsibility, self-leadership and hard work

But they often get caught up in the warrior mentality and in moving through life through mere will-power alone

Living well but feeling alone in their pursuits

3rd phase: Men NEED Men

They need a group of men they can relate to, connect with, hold and be held by

Men to hold them to a higher standard

Men to cry with

Men to laugh with

Men to BE Men with

If a man wants to go fast he must go alone,

But if he is to go far, he must bring company.

That’s the only way

And today’s society has slowly destroyed the healthy and sacred spaces where men used to gather

Rites of passage have been forgotten and the masculine remains in a perpetual state of boyishness

This MUST change