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My First Burning Man

September 4, 2018


This photo sums up my Burning Man experience

While the depth of emotions, variety of experiences, ups, downs, challenges, blessings and both magical and scary moments, are too much to condense (for a later post).

It comes down to this:


The art of meeting people that touch you and change you. People who bring out the best in you, or perhaps, who see a better you that you didn’t know existed. People who through a look or a hug melt down intimacy walls.

5 minute conversations that stir profoundly deep.

Random, foolish events that rekindle that inner children’s spark.

It is about being friendly, but also knowing when you need time to yourself. About long nights out but also long days of reflection.

About being able to enjoy both chill tea nights but also day long parties catching the sunrise.

It is about love. Learning to freely express it and freely receive it.

And overall, learning how to give it to ourselves.

Burning man for me was about the friendships I created, and the people who touched me and I touched (no pun intended)

It was about love, and you know what they say:

“True love changes everything you believed to be true about love.”

A BIG HEARTFELT THANKS to every single person I got to share with, in any way or form.

You made my first burn, a beautiful one!

– Nico