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Did you make your bed today?


Let’s make our own bed before we aim to set the world straight.

I see so many people sharing X, Y and X about how the government is messing things up (all the way to posting the really elaborated conspiracy narratives).

And while they may carry truths, it is not useful.

Not for you or for anyone else.

Those posting never ending complaints, blaming and pointing fingers are not any different in essence from those who date toxic partners only to revell in a sea of victimhood, accusations and absence of responsibility.

And remember!

Every time we point a finger, there are three fingers pointing at ourselves.

Every time we are focused on the shortcomings, wrongdoings and flaws of others (whether the government or a romantic partner) we are not only adding energy to that which we dislike but also we’re avoiding to take responsibility and look at our own lives first.

I have so many judgements about many things within the system and the inefficiencies of it, however I will not dare throw a stone until I have sorted my own life first.

By all means, support the causes you care for.




Put your anger, resentment and rage to good use by feeding and helping the solution to those problems you dislike.

But do not wallow in your self righteousness.

There is nothing more repulsive than someone who has the energy and time to complain about things that he/she does not have the time or energy to help solve.

See a problem?

Name your solution.

Put your chips where your mouth is.

Your attention, time and money.

Or be quiet.

Do your own work.

Go deep before you try to go broad.

Fix the world one person at a time 👊🏼

And here’s a hint:
The first person to start with is YOU.

That government, corporation and group you dislike so much is made out of people…

People who forgot to make their own bed before they set out to influence others.

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