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It Is Through The Cracks That The Light Comes In

May 18, 2018


Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days I’ve had, here’s Why:

Towards the end of last year, I partnered up with my friend and YouTuber @oscardsotto.

He brought to my attention that the advice and information about dating and relationships for men, was really off in the Spanish speaking “market”. A lot of “macho alpha” kind of bullshit, misogyny, and pick-up manipulative stuff.

So I felt responsible to do my part and use what I’ve learned in the last five years in my work with men. So we set to create a community and a program that would focus on the foundations of masculinity. A program that would help guys in Latin America and Spain discover that everything we’ve been fed about manhood comes from a society that has no idea about what healthy masculinity is.

The program explored a process of removing layer after layer, reconnecting to our bodies, honouring our emotions, celebrating our vulnerability, creating adventure, and above all, being fucking true to ourselves and to others. Becoming authentic, honest, compassionate, kind, strong men.

This week our community grew to over a thousand members. And yesterday, we had the last group call of the first round of our program. And it made me feel so appreciative of life! So joyful that I get to help men in the way I wish someone had helped me growing up.

I feel thankful for all the ups and downs from the last few years. Especially all the painful moments, the heartbreaks, the loneliness, the tears and the sadness from failed love stories. The moments I chose to feel my heart shatter into a million pieces over disconnecting or numbing myself. The moments I chose to live with an open heart, even when it hurt. It is because of them (not in spite of) that my character has been shaped and I’m able to give back.

Yesterday, it all made sense. I was reminded, once again, that it is through the cracks that the light comes in. Through pain, that love is alchemized.

Yesterday was a beautiful day… A very beautiful day…

– Nico