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Bringing Sexy Jesus Back

October 24, 2015


This post is not meant to mock those who believe in Jesus, but rather, to bring back his teachings in a relevant way. If there was a way in which Jesus loved, this would have been it.

During the past two years I have been traveling and coaching with the Ars Amorata team. A group of men dedicated to shift the way we connect with each other from a context of manipulation and games, towards one of authenticity, beauty and romance. The concept of Sexy Jesus was first brought up by one of the coaches, Knut, during our last workshop. It is a fascinating theme and our current exploration: Now that we are at a point where connecting with women is easy, how can we make our love something memorable? How can we love our women (and people in general) the way Jesus loved? a love so strong that books and movements were created out of it, a love strong enough to survive thousands and thousands of years.

Sexy Jesus is the energy of passionate, powerful, authentic, raw love. An unwavering commitment to what we want and where we are heading with the most caring and empathic love for others.

In practical terms, Sexy Jesus goes beyond ruthlessly enforcing our way, it goes beyond the stereotypical ‘raise your standards! say bye to those who don’t deserve you! stand for yourself even if you stand alone’ and every other inspirational quote that we all read after that one terrible breakup. While they are great to inspire individual empowerment and self-leadership, they completely ignore that some of these people that ‘drag us down’ are people who we still love and care for.

It is no longer about having things go our way with disregard to the others, but with deep love towards them. I have not read the bible in detail but, as I understand, Jesus was crucified for his strong conviction and commitment towards love and nowhere in the process he expressed hate, anger, or dismissive behaviour towards those around him. Not even the close ones who betrayed him.

It is to transition from ruthless strength to love fuelled power.

Sexy Jesus is about being able to love in such a strong way that we are able to love our friends and those that seem to stand in our way just the same. It is having a strong, unwavering commitment to the type of life and relationships that we want to create. It is being able to stand strong for what we believe in, without losing our ability to love those who disagree with us.

It is loving our parents when we feel they are wrong. It is loving our partners when it seems they are being unfair. It is loving without consideration. Not because of. It is unconditional love.

And yes, while still standing strong and holding our ground. It still means that we rather be crucified for our truth than compromise to a lie or let someone step over us. It is having the conviction of a warrior, and the heart of a loving mother.

Jesus must have been a fierce, badass, caring lover.

Why can’t we?

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