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Beyond Possibilities

October 28, 2018


Laying on the beach, staring at the stars. White wine glass on the side (yeah, I’m a simple man of simple tastes) I become present to how much more beautiful a night can be, when reveling in mindfulness.

I guess I, sometimes, get too caught up in Toronto’s “get shit done” vibe. Too busy for friends. Too busy for myself. Only available for clients and $$$ work.

When we spend so much time running in the hamster wheel, we forget that we chose to be there. And we can choose to step out at any moment. And marvel in the beauty of just being. How beautiful is that? We have a vast spectrum of infinite, light emanating explosions, million years away from us, at our disposal (daily access) every evening we choose to put down our phones and look out the windows.

And through the day? We have access and connection to infinitely unique human beings, with stories we know nothing of, shared pasts, mutual struggles, same and different outlooks. Glimpses into someone’s personal universe. Open and available to us each and every time we choose to be present.

Most of us see the palm tree when we talk to someone, and forget that just beyond it, there’s a lot more to explore than we’d ever have time to revel in.

And what about the internal space? Oh! Don’t get me started!

Life’s filled with infinite, marvellous universes, whether we’re looking to the sky, to a other person, or within us.

Fuck… What a beautiful thing! To make peace with knowing I know nothing.

And fuck! What a good wine!

Pura vida!

– Nico