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“Being Stuck” is a CHOICE

March 8, 2024


Stagnation, frustration and self-doubt are the inevitable harvest of a confused mind.

I’m going to be direct with you and you may not like it.

You DO NOT lack the skills to bring forth your heart’s desires.

You ARE NOT broken.

There is NO “unworthiness” or “limiting beliefs” to take care of..

Those are just the Self-development and NewAge equivalents of the original sin:

A made up idea to keep people enslaved and attached to their imaginary insufficiencies, endlessly outsourcing their power.

You are CONFUSED and that, my friend, is a choice.

Because there’s a part of you that already knows what you want and is resourceful enough to go after it and get it.

But there’s another part of you that is afraid: deeply entangled in your past stories of lack and the limitations you grew up with.

It’s not even a matter of choice but one of courage and clarity.

Stagnation, anxiety and overthinking become the natural responses of a system that cannot see clearly.

Because, if you were driving a car and you couldn’t see out of a sudden, what would the smartest move be?

To slow down and stop until the path is clear, right?

But to “wait to make a decision” is another way of deciding to stay the same for “a bit” longer.

But a bit longer often turns into years stuck while others are shining bright, sharing their gifts, owning their desires, living a life on THEIR own terms when it comes to their income, their freedom and their relationships.

It’s not about being incapable or underqualified.

It’s about being UNCLEAR.

The windshield is still foggy so to move would be foolish.

However, if it cleared up and you saw a straight road ahead, wouldn’t you want to play and push the limits of how fast you can go?

And wouldn’t that be a lot more exciting than sitting in the same place for years, seeing others pass by?

I promise you that the moment that your mind, heart and soul are ALL-IN on one path, there’s nothing that the universe will not move to conspire in your favor.

Choose that NOW is the time to clear the windshield, and the rest will follow.