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January 23, 2015


The other day as I was waiting for the subway I saw something that really touched me, and I wanted to share it.

Walking towards the escalator there was a woman and her son, both of them had a vibe of being completely at ease, happy and fully present. Each of them was sipping off a slushy in one hand, effortlessly holding a smile and carrying a guitar on their back.

The interesting part was that the son was following his mother by placing his left hand on her right shoulder and walking right behind her with his eyes closed (he was blind and had put his white cane on his back just so he could hold the slushy). However, his mother was also walking with her eyes closed. She was blind too and was guiding both of them with the help of her own white cane.

It was extremely beautiful to witness how much peace and happiness they irradiated. How present they were, how finely tuned to the small sounds and movements they seemed to be. How much trust her son had for her, and overall how little concerned they were with the fact that they couldn’t see.

It almost brought me to tears to realize that most of us are completely healthy and with little or no worries, yet don’t seem to be fully present to live and enjoy life at that level.

Even though deep inside we know it’s a choice.

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