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Animals need discipline, and as such so do you. (especially your body)


Lack of discipline leads to unmanageable chaos – which often shows up as the inability to follow through on important goals, lack of focus, mental stability and losing the reins of your body and mind.

Most people are at the mercy of their own vessels.

(re)Acting at the whim of their emotions and compulsions..

Mere puppets to their biology and conditioning..

(And quite often, their own pets’ pets ;))

This is because of an unhealthy (or absent) presence of discipline in their life.

If the idea of ‘disciplining yourself’ (or your pet) triggers discomfort is because you probably feel that discipline cannot coexist with Love.

Which means you probably were not disciplined as a kid (and I’m willing to bet that -instead- you were punished.)

Punishment is to take out one’s unresolved anger and resentments on others, for one’s own benefit.

Discipline is to teach, to clearly, firmly and lovingly guide someone, for their own benefit.

The word discipline comes from the latin ‘discere’ which means “to learn” therefore to be disciplined is to become a disciple.

That is one who learns.

As a human, you are at the conscious intersection of the physical and the spiritual.

So in a way, your body (and therefore your mind) are the ‘pet’ you were given (loaned) from the Earth.

The vessel with which you get to co-create and co-experience this beautiful process we call life.

But one that if ignored, unattended and undisciplined will break havoc everywhere.

That’s at the essence of most people’s suffering: a body and mind that do not take orders from them.

So what to do?

Well, let’s start by realizing that discipline is Love and NOT punishment.

It is the tool for you to create healthy structures, boundaries and guidelines for how your mind and body are to harmoniously cooperate with that which lies at the essence of your heart.

To discipline yourself means that you realize that there are higher things than the spurs and impulses of the moment.

And that love -like a song- sounds better when there’s a tempo, a key and an underlying order.

In safety, we play.

And in order, we thrive.