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After 3 months away I’m finally coming back “home” (Toronto)🏡


I say “home” because the word itself comes from the latin ‘focus’ (fogo/fuego) which means fire 🔥.

Fire is the root of the concept of home because it was the elements around which cooking and gathering happened in the community.

So home is a place where the fire is.

A place where there’s warmth, light, connection, safety and nourishment (for the body and soul)

And it’s a strange thing..

Because in my 20’s I traveled the world chasing an elusive sense of belonging, meaning and peace.. never quite settling or settled in any place.

So the last years became a journey inwards, removing the layers that were dimming my own fire.

And now, even though my travel schedule may have become more hectic than before, there’s no chasing.

For I have come home to myself.
Warm by my own fire,
Alive, at ease, peace and bliss.

A fire I am now able to share wherever I go.

With that said, Toronto is the place where I keep my ‘things’.

It’s where my temple is, where I ground and work, expand, implement, reflect and share.

It is a well of energy, ideas and effortless execution.

The space I live in has been consecrated through a variety of south american shamanic practises, herbs and tools, as well as ancestral yogic processes.

The energy is palpable to those that are open.

Quite hard to miss actually.

Yet I realize I’ve been rather protective of it so far..

Yet the fire isn’t a little fragile flame anymore.

So it is time to let go of the walls.

I feel it’s time to open the door and start inviting people to come into it.
To share a cup of tea, a meal or a word.

To work, meditate, do yoga or chat about life.

To create an inclusive atmosphere where others may benefit from their batteries being recharged, in the same way I do every time I come back home.

I now feel inspired to nurture community and connection.

To share and cocreate with those who feel aligned with supporting the evolution / transformation of Toronto from a surface-level city to an abode of depth.

Who’s with me? 🍁💥🙋🏻‍♂️