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About a decade ago, during my university days, I came home from a trip and found that the bathroom wall was infested with mold.

December 7, 2023


I asked a friend’s friend (who did renovations and contracting work) and he said he would have to tear the wall apart and replace it all due to how much the mold had spread..

He was a hard working Colombian man and said that since I was Colombian too, it’d only be $1k Canadian to renovate the bathroom.

I called my landlord and told him about it..

He said he had his own guy, who would do it for $70 and asked me to pay him in person and deduct it from the next month’s rent.

Next day this guy shows up, goes into the bathroom and comes out 45 minutes later, asks for money and leaves.

As I proceeded to check his work my jaw dropped. 😱

He had literally just painted on top of the mold so that -to the naked eye- it all looked ‘just fine.’

Long story short the mold kept spreading and the landlord ended up having to pay $2k+ in renovations, as more stuff broke down and ended up having to be replaced.

This is not a post about mold or about landlords.

It’s a reminder that rearranging furniture – as beautiful as it might look, and as much as you might feel you have done something good that feels like progress-

Is irrelevant and completely useless if your house is on fire.

If the ship is sinking, it’s not the time for new decor.

So be aware, especially if you feel stuck in cycles of dysfunction.

Are the tools, teachers and paths you’ve chosen working?

REALLY, tangibly working ?

Or are you’re painting on mold over and over, so you can get a glimpse of false progress without actually dealing with THE thing..?


It might look good right away,

but you will pay a bigger price later on.

That’s guaranteed.

So do THE work..

Stop just reading, talking or philosophizing about it.

And sometimes..

The work looks like demolishing the whole thing..


Breaking everything apart..

Letting it all go..

So there can be a radically new start.


PS: Don’t know where to start?

Think of a difficult conversation you’ve been postponing / too afraid to have.. and dial them up right away.