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A woman gifted my first breath and a few others took it away. ♥️


Let me thank you today,
Before the day is over.

Medicine is the warmth
Of your loving embrace.
And few are the men who there
Fail to feel your grace.

Thank you!

For the strength and courage
To be a woman
In a world
That is just coming to terms
With honouring the place
You rightfully deserve.

Thank you!

For birthing,
And healing
This world
And many more.

For you are loving spirit
But also wild, fire soul.

You are nature,
Soothing waves
Burning coal.
Midnight’s moon
And wolves’ howl.

Thank you!

For your feminine grace
And ability to be the light
Through the challenges we face.

Thank you for the love
And for being love.
For that divine spark
Of a brave, yet tender heart.

What a gift…
If a woman you are!

For you are Goddess, Nature,
Mother, Sister,

May the masculine learn to honour you properly,
So that in divine union and harmonious dance
We may play and co-create.

Thank you to all the wonderful women who have been a part of my life. ♥️