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A person grounded in stillness, silence, serenity and balance is DEEPLY in their heart..


… not those compulsively ruled by their emotions.

Being enslaved and deluded by a volatile inner chemistry is NOT the same as being connected to one’s heart.

Unconscious emotionality is the result of a sick mind and unhealthy patterns of thinking that serve as fuel for the body to feel all sorts of things (pleasant and unpleasant)

Remember, your body is a wonderful machine, yet one very ruled by compulsions, survival, fear and desire.

So to “listen to one’s body” can be useful at times..

but sometimes the body is just horny and lazy..

And then, what will you listen to?

There’s no difference between that and the person who feels desire, apprehension, attachment, rejection, or any other emotion around a decision.. because it is all coming form their body.

Their choices are therefore clouded and blurred by their thinking and feelings..

However, THE HEART is at the source of emotions.

It is NOT the emotions.

It’s the silence from which the music breeds.

Yet if you confuse your canvas with your palette, you’re bound to make yourself a mess and wonder why it all turns out so ugly.

Follow your heart, YES.

But be intelligent enough to discern what comes from your heart and what does not.

Here’s a few practical pointers:

🔥Are you feeling emotionally charged or are you feeling grounded?
🔥Do you feel tension, fear and closure or do you feel at ease, open and curious?
🔥Are you basing your decisions based on your body or on something deeper?

And let me close by saying that emotions are not bad.

Sometimes anger, frustration and disappointment are what get you out of a bad relationship or a soul-sucking job.

But more often than not it is also fear, attachment, greed and lust what will keep you stuck in endless cycles of toxicty.

So emotions can be a great fuel for the ride, just one that isn’t always reliable.

Emotionally charged action can be great..

Clear, conscious, heart-based action is better.