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Hyper-Individualism and Trauma

April 26, 2021


Hyper-Individualism is a form of trauma-coping.

Think about it!

We are the most dependent mammals in all of nature

We would not make it far without having someone to protect and provide for us during our childhood years.

Unlike most of the other animals who within a few months are often ready to walk away and hunt their own food.

So it is ingrained within us to seek for and thrive in the space of community.

Anyone who makes an effort to sell you on how you can (or should) do it all by yourself and just focus on you, you, you is certainly someone who at some point of their (career, relational, or family) life got so hurt by someone they loved that they made it a commitment to never get hurt again.

Which meant to never open up so much, trust so much, have so much faith or rely so much on others. To keep their heart safe not through embracing the core of its essence but by hiding it away and tucking it under their bed, far away from where it could be touched by others.

And you can live like this and make a decent fortune, also, I did in the past.

At the expense of living a less-than-full experience of life.

Stability at the expense of numbness. Individualism at the expense of fulfillment and wholeness.

It was okay. But I did not sign up for “okay“.

And if you are reading this, neither did you.

So let’s drop the pretence, and the facade and BS that we do not need each other.

Because the truth is that we do!

And when our trust for others is bigger than the feeling of them weighing on our shoulders..

something magical happens:

Conscious Leadership is born

Not as an endeavour of constantly pushing, forcing and working hard to make your dent on the world, but as a smooth, enjoyable, cooperative, inspiring and moving structure that will inevitable cause ripples of positive impact all around.

One of the biggest insights I recently had is knowing that I am not alone and that together, WE can!

Realizing that people can be trusted and in the light of genuine trust and honest guidance, they will surprise you and act in ways beyond what you thought they were capable of.

And they will surprise themselves at what they are capable of doing, when trusted. 🙂

Because at the core of someone who wants to be individualistic all you will find is a deeply ingrained fear of life and mistrust of God.

A life without faith, where no goodness can come unless they’ve earned it.

Leaving miracles and beauty outside of the picture… (for them)

And forgetting that even though they’ve put nothing towards it, every day the sun rises and setsand

the flowers bloom and the birds sing.

And they trust that life will provide, And without fault,

It ALWAYS does.

So how about YOU?

Do you trust?