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The Biggest Pain Successful Men Feel

April 17, 2021


Nothing is more painful to a “successful man” than knowing that despite having what it takes…

What it takes to create life on his terms…

What it takes to turn visions into actions, dreams into realities..

He still feels completely disconnected from all of it.

Creating his ideal life yet feeling empty and subtly sedated.

A lot of guys suffer their misfortune, their incapabilities, their lack of drive, imagination and skill.

But to suffer your genius, your power and your own creation, that’s a different level of pain right there!

I know because I have felt it.

I penetrated my way through life until it showered me with everything I had always desired:

Money doing what I loved,

A beautiful, loving partner,

A fit, healthy body...

Yet there I was – wondering why deep inside I still felt unfulfilled.

Why despite so much beauty surrounding me, I could not truly FEEL it.

I could not feel deep ecstasy for my work – instead I only saw and thought about the next $ milestone.

I could not feel my woman fully – instead, we had grown distant, constantly arguing as I kept thinking about other women.

Having way too much, I still could not feel I had had enough of anything.

But one thing I knew:

I could NOT keep going like this without sacrificing and destroying everything I had worked so hard to create.

Can you relate?

Wanting greener grasses you conquered the whole mountain.

Yet somewhere along the road, your heart closed down.

Your mind took over and helped you plan, execute and focus on what you felt was important.

And you kicked ass at it!

Meanwhile your heart took the backseat.

Your emotions waited in the side-lines while tasks and achievements piled up.

What’s a sunset worth to him that – despite having eyes – has forgotten how to fully witness it?

There’s just so much you can play this game before you burn out.

Before your relationship dies a slow, painful death.

Before your work dries the life out of you.

And you end up with a fully crossed to-do list, several 0‘s on your bank account, a beautiful house but nowhere to be felt – the true feeling of being at home.

(Neither there or within yourself.)

You are NOT alone.

As men, we were never raised to know what it FEELS to be in connection with our hearts and emotions. In some cases, we were even shamed for feeling (sad, angry, overwhelmed, vulnerable).

Real, tough men suck it up! – right?

Well, sucking it up leads to pushing it down, and in the process, you let yourself and those you say you “love” down.

Because you are all over life without ever fully letting life in.

Doing a lot and barely feeling any of it.

All grind and no grace… All hustle and no heart…

The truth is that there’s a deeper experience of life waiting for you to let it in!

An experience that doesn’t involve one more accomplishment on your end,

But it will require more courage than any of your business wins.

Because it is not a process of amassing and gathering, it is one of:

  • Breaking open
  • Releasing.
  • Unlearning.
  • Uncovering.
  • Dis-covering.

De-armoring all the walls you’ve carefully built around your heart.

But one thing I promise you:

At the other side, you will find your self.

Which is what you’ve been (perhaps unknowingly) looking for all these years.

At the other side, you fully come home to your heart, body and life.

A life so profound and fulfilling that you’ll cry tears of appreciation and bliss on a continuous basis.

Learning to see your woman with fresh eyes every morning.

And bowing down in gratitude for your ways of making a living..

You will finally take a leap.

The most important one in your path:

You will go from being a boy chasing a successful life,

to being a Man that lives a sacred one.