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Women: Listen to HOW he does things – not what he does.

April 4, 2021


And most definitely NOT what he says.

You can ALWAYS weight a man’s character by the quality of his relationship to structure.

This is why you may find yourself especially irritated when a man lies, is late or misrepresents the truth to you.

Not because he said he’d call by 9 and called at 9:30.

Or that he’d plan a date this week and forgot about it.

Or that he told you he was with friends when was somewhere else.

It’s irritating because it hurts.

It hurts because lies are a very clear expression that there’s a lack of structure.

It is not being honoured, and neither are you and the relationship in that moment.

A man’s relationship to his word is everything.

We built the world around us through language, we can also destroy it through lies and unreliability. A word that is not kept means that everything this person says, no matter how beautiful, is now up for consideration.

And that in itself is chaos!

So pay close attention to his relationship with time as well.

Is he consistently late (with you, work or other commitments)?
Is he consistently rushing?

This is a “man” operating from a reactive state, life is dragging him along and he’s barely catching up with it. A man grounded in his sense of leadership and direction is a master of time and space.

He knows himself well enough to account for what might go wrong and plan ahead for it – for he knows that only when there’s structure and stability, magic becomes possible.

He knows that only when he shows up with full awareness, keeps his commitments, life delivers abundantly.

Everything else becomes a struggle and he knows. A man who is often late is disconnected from death.

He takes for granted the limited time he has in this life, therefore he wastes it.
He takes for granted YOUR life and that of others, therefore he does not see a big deal in making you wait.

For him, it’s just a few minutes.

For creation, it’s a slice of life that nobody will ever get back.

A moment wasted in the name of a boy’s unconsciousness.

There’s NO excuse for that.

A man connected with death respects life, he understands his time is ticking and so is that of his loved ones.

And He acts accordingly.

So, women, he may be doing “everything” right, taking you on dates, calling you, being nice and kind..

But if he’s consistently late, twists the truth and throws his word in an empty way.

HOW he approaches what he does, and therefore life, is in a careless way.

Don’t expect him to have a lot more awareness, care and delicateness towards you. On the other hand, if he’s impeccable with his word, his expression and his timing.

He’s a man who has already committed himself to life.

And if the ambiance is right, he is a man that will not hesitate to commit to you. And that’s a word you can trust.