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10 Simple, UNCOMFORTABLE, truths about relationships:

September 22, 2023


#1 – The more you think others are the problem, the more likely it is that it’s you (and your delusions)

#2 – Everything that has happened, to this day, in your relationships is YOUR responsibility. (not necessarily your fault, but 100% your responsibility.)

#3 – The more you reject point #2 the longer it will take you to grow up and own your part when it comes to the beauty (or nastiness) that you’ve co-created

#4 – There’s nobody made for you. No twin flames, soul mates or other bs, pseudo-spiritual nonsense. The creator didn’t create one more human just to engage in toxic codependency with you and use spirituality to justify your attachments.

Grow up.

#5 – Healthy love will happen only when you are more focused on what YOU should change, instead of what others are doing wrong or failing to do.

#6 – If you often play the role of parent / saviour / rescuer / coach or the spiritual guide to those you are engaged with romantically, you are 99.99% operating out of shame, unworthiness and have confused feeling needed for love.

#7 – The more you’re concerned about the others not doing their share of the work, the more your attention is on your partner, the more you’re avoiding doing YOUR own work and dealing with your own emotions.

#8 – Unless you’re at peace and have forgiven (truly, from the heart) all the ways in which your dad, mom and all previous partners have shown up, you will have a VERY hard time feeling secure and fulfilled romantically.

#9 – Obsession with finding the perfect partner is often a symptom of disconnection, fear of openness and absent vulnerability. It’s easier to blame it on “nobody being good enough” versus acknowledging you’re afraid.

#10 – If you carry any judgements, jadedness or apathy towards the opposite gender, you’re bound to run continuously into partners that reassure your stories.


How excited or heavy you feel about the following words is one of the greatest measuring bars to understand where you’re at in your journey of conscious love and connection:

– Commitment

– Responsibility

– Dedication

– Consistency

– Devotion

– Agreements

– Sacrifice

– Discipline

– Patience

– Surrender

If upon reading these, you feel a sense of sacredness and reverence –

Congratulations! You are already living life In – Love.

Whether a partner shows up or not will not matter much.

If upon reading them you felt rejection, triggers or heaviness..

There’s work for you to do in developing a healthier, more realistic and inclusive relationship with life and love.

Thank you for reading these!