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🔥 You are not a victim of your past any more that you are a⁠ secondary character in your own story

November 22, 2023


Your disempowerment will never serve as punishment nor⁠ fuel for justice against those whose actions left a bitter taste⁠ in your mouth..⁠

And remember:⁠

If there’s a villain/bully there must be a victim, just like if⁠ there’s up there must be down.⁠

You could play the game of being right, of judging and badmouthing, of ignoring and blaming, but remember that no⁠ sweet fruits will ever sprout out of a bitter seed.⁠

You are bound to reap what you sow, and the sweetness of life is reserved to those who are careful and diligent about taking care of the weeds.⁠

You must let go of your pain, but also of your anger and⁠ judgement towards those who provoked it.⁠

But ONLY if you want to be FREE.⁠

If you want to be right, grip on tightly.⁠

Be my guest.⁠