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💣 Grab your journal and ask yourself the following questions

November 20, 2023


– In what ways am I contributing to the deterioration (or absence) of a healthy, passionate and loving relationship?⁠

– Have I forgiven all my previous partners?⁠

– Have I made peace in my heart with both of my parents?⁠

– What stupid habits sabotage my mental, emotional & physical health?⁠

– What stupid friendships pull me back in loops of mediocrity, avoidance and isolation?⁠

– What is ONE thing I could commit to doing for the next 4 weeks that would make me a much better partner (or a more attractive prospect)?⁠

– Do I have something to hide?⁠

– Do I feel I have something to prove?⁠

– Do I like whom I see in the mirror? if not, why not?⁠

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Explore and report back.⁠