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You ALWAYS know when enough is enough.

June 22, 2023


You ALWAYS know when you are operating at less than your full potential..

You ALWAYS know all those dreams you’ve been holding back on, out of fear..

You ALWAYS know when you are STUCK.

You know it.

So the matter is NOT clarity but courage.

Because if you know that you’re past due a radical transformation..

If you know that something fundamental has to die within you, to make room for a new phase to arise..

If you know that you’re finally done being the old you..

Then, is there a good reason to procrastinate on taking the steps necessary to take the leap?

How much longer would you like to keep yourself stuck in the same old situations?

When I speak with retreat attendees, one thing that is common is that their ‘pain’ (whether it’s emotional, physical, mental, spiritual or a mix of all) is NEVER NEW.

They don’t consider drinking plant medicine because suddenly they woke up with an itch and a mild curiosity.


Most of the time, there’s been years wasted down the drain living a small life because of meaningless fears..

Years wasted in confusion around what to do next with their dreams, their purpose and their life..

Years of suffering over the same physical, mental and financial illnesses..

Years wasted in unhealthy relationships, confused around not knowing whether to continue or to end it, unsure about how to attract a quality partner or how to draw the best qualities from their current one..

Their pain is rarely new.

And it is rarely a new thing.

Most people wait until their pain brews up, marinates and expands in the easily-ignored shadows of their unconsciousness..

That is,

Until it gets out of hand.

Until an infection spreads.

Until you cannot ignore it no more!

The sad truth is that most people wait until their arm needs amputation before they seriously consider treating the wound.

Because looking at that which hurts, paying attention to that which is not working and choosing to do something about it RIGHT NOW, demands courage.

It demands a massive amount of trust (in yourself and your method of choice)

It demands strength and determination..

Perhaps in greater quantities you’ve been comfortably accustomed to.

“Next year..”

“Another time..”

“Next round..”

“Not yet..”

These are excuses I’ve heard a thousand times, often by people whom upon reaching out a year or two later to talk about their situation, I see they are now in a deeper hole than before.

A deeper hole of their own creation..

Because life DOES NOT wait,

and pain only grows when ignored.

Like a wound that gets infected when left untreated.

The truth is that you know when enough has been enough.

And there’s no good reason to procrastinate on that which pertains to our quality of living..

Especially not under the false assumption of a guaranteed tomorrow – for you know that tomorrow is a promise, and what you do today is what counts.

For those ready to take the reigns of their mind, body, heart and spirit and embark in a courageous journey of total transformation supported by refined group coaching workshops and processes and aided by several plant medicine (aya) ceremonies..

Adventure calls you…

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