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“What was it like to drink medicine with a 109 y/o shaman?” Well, not what I imagined, here’s why..

August 2, 2023


In all truth, the experience with Ayahuasca was okay. I anticipated it being an overwhelming blast out of reality but It was actually beautiful and very cleansing – rather calm and gentle in contrast to other ceremonies I’ve participated in.

I wouldn’t say they were super magical and extraordinary..

🔥However, being in the presence of our elder was.

The aliveness, humour and selfless dedication with which he carries himself were the real medicine.

I was in awe at the humility and surrender of this man, who -despite his age- would be up all night sitting, walking and chanting, playing his harmonica as everyone else comfortably laid down..

He’d also be awake way past the time when we had all gone to sleep – supporting people who had more delicate conditions and needed his private attention.

He was quite literally a force of nature.

Drinking ayahuasca with him was alright, but witnessing the beauty of a human who has dedicated his life to service was what really touched my heart.

It made me reflect on all the trivialities and compulsions of life where I waste my energy, all the ways in which I have yet to commit fully and all the nonsense I unconsciously cling to.

His presence showed me what is possible – if only I surrendered fully into my own calling.

His being and energy flaring strong like a Sun, indiscriminately bringing light and loving warmth to everyone around him.

and THAT touched me..

For I felt there’s nothing in existence worth sacrificing our ability to become instruments and carriers of such profound love.

I was reminded that the strongest medicine is not found in a brew but in who we are..

The greatest gift:

The quality of our heart

The greatest message:

Our life..

and our love.

THAT is real legacy..

and the only goal worth aiming for.