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What changes you is ALWAYS a person.

October 21, 2023


It’s never a program, a book, a podcast, a retreat or a session..

It’s the transmission of who they are that awakens a dormant potential within you.

Most of you have gone through the initiatory fires of relationships, but mostly the negative ones.

Those people whose presence in your life wrecks such havoc that the transmission is one of contrast and the way in which you are touched feels more like a big slap on the face.

Yet transformation ensued.. didn’t it?

A difficult relationship, an untrustworthy friend, a deceitful business partner.

You’ve been there.

However, it is rare to be touched by someone’s light.

This is why relationships are so sacred:

They can plant in you the seeds of liberation or disconnection.

And it is never what they say, their advice or their methods..

It is always who they are.

These two are some of the people who’ve touched my life by their being alone.

They’ve freed me, over and over, without uttering a single word.

I’ve received more in terms of spiritual growth, virtue, the love of family, integrity and clarity of purpose from being around Jeronimo than I did from over a decade of paid coaches, courses and teachers.

I’ve learned more about being a man and healthy love from interacting with my beloved than I did from years of studies and trainings on masculinity, polarity and conscious relating.

Presence, not product, is where the core of human transformation lies.

In fact, there are times when with those I work with I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’m deeply grounded and certain of who I AM being.

And that carries them through, from who they are towards who they are meant to be.

The tools, practices and methods are secondary in essence to the transmission of the heart of those holding space