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Three years ago, I was in the Amazon jungle at our shaman’s home when in the middle of a ceremony, a wave of intensity forced me on my knees.


I was sweating and trying to pace my breath, grounding my feet and hands on the earth, trying to make sense of the waves of energy I felt rushing through my entire body..

In that moment I started seeing single words appear in rapid succession, hundreds of them per second, for a few minutes.

I felt disoriented and overwhelmed, confused for I couldn’t understand what was happening..

Once the waves of words stopped, I asked the medicine “what was that about !!?”

“It’s a book” she replied

“A book I should read?”

“A book you should write.” she said, followed by a glimpse of the title and its cover.

(which, as an artist, was not my idea of the most aesthetic book cover.. but go figure 😅)

I was shocked and a bit dismissive of the whole thing, there was enough on my plate and my plans were far distant from wanting to work on writing a book..

However, it felt like it was an important piece of homework I was given..

And every time I’ve followed mother Aya’s homework, my life has unfolded into inexplicable levels of beauty, joy and adventure.

I was apprehensive around sharing this story because -if i’m fully honest- I often cringe around people who use and abuse the words “downloads” “codes” “activations” 🤢 because most of the time they’re just referring in fancy words to their own compulsive thought and imagination 😂

I’ve literally held my face on my palms wondering if I might have become one of “those” people..

But whether it was my imagination, or a genuine channeling of something greater, it felt important to allow this creative endeavour to find expression.

That was the night that the book “Grace” was born.

“Grace: A practical, No-bullsh*t journey from Pain to Purpose.”

It is a manuscript that condenses most of what I know about human suffering, pain and the integration of it into wisdom, beauty and unavoidable grace.

I aim to guide those reading it through their inner landscape, honouring their darkness, befriending their fear and freeing themselves from their trauma..

Only to arrive at the arms of grace – recognizing that -if you’re willing- your worst nightmare becomes the seed of the most beautiful dream.

And that which once wounded you becomes the source of your greatest gifts and wisdom..

So that what you thought was life working against you, you learn to see was nothing but the palpable hands of the creator working FOR YOU.

Writing this book has been confronting me with parts of myself and my own journey where pain was left unaddressed..

It has forced me to really simplify and condense, in a practical way, the spiritual practices I have learned in my journey through Eastern mysticism (Yoga) and South American shamanism.

It’s a bridge between the spiritual and the practical.

It’s not personal-development, for my idea is not to help develop your persona even more..

It’s personal-annihilation..


Freedom from aversion towards suffering and pain.

Freedom from entanglement with one’s history and victimization by one’s past.

Freedom from righteousness, resentment and apathy.

An openness towards the never-ending stream of grace that’s always available in life..

To those willing to put themselves aside and empty themselves enough so that something greater may pour in.