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This is only for Men

September 1, 2023


Capital M – Men.

Leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, coaches & healers.

I know you have what it takes to live life on your terms, way above the standards that most men have set out for themselves.

In fact, your mastery over your work and service is a living proof of that.

Yet as cliche as it sounds, it does get lonely at the top.

A lot more comfortable, freeing and exciting, YES..

but definitely lonely.

(or ‘in aloneness’ if we’re being surgically accurate with language)

Most people are quite okay with living lives of conforming to mediocrity and bending over backwards in a system that is beyond corrupt..

And a few others have the awareness and competence to orient their efforts into becoming stewards of their communities, their land and their culture.

Men of wealth but also men of health..

Of direction, protection and provision..

Conscious about their impact and relentless in their commitment.

Driven by their heart’s fire and no longer the world’s greed.

If this is you, I would love to extend a personal invitation to the sacred mountains of Colombia.

We will sit in a sacred temple with the jungle medicines in connection to other Men.

Men who – like you – are operating at a high level of integrity, purpose and efficiency in their life.

More than the medicine journeys guided by Colombian shamans, the greatest medicine I foresee is that of co-creation, collaboration and camaraderie in brotherhood..

But not your ‘drum-circle’ kumbaya, airy fairy watered down flavour of masculinity.


Full fledged, honour-based, death-embracing, presence-inducing connection with other Men.

If you’ve gotten so far in life being the driving force behind your business, your work and your service…

Imagine what it would be like to have 8-10 other men with shared values (and their life and business as the evidence to prove it) in your corner.

When we get together, as MEN (not boys), our presence does NOT merely add to one another..

It multiplies..

Exponentially, to several magnitudes.

This is how great shifts are made.

I foresee a massive one coming out of this container.

Are you ready to play your part in it?

Adventure calls you…

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