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There are questions that only arise in the minds of those who’ve reached a certain level of mastery over their external life.


Most human beings waste their life away chasing money, comfort and connection.

Nothing wrong with that..

But those -who’ve made a decent financial living, invested in luxury and quality of life and developed meaningful relationships- realize that there must be more.

And there is.

For life isn’t merely an eternal hamster-wheel of making more money and expanding your “empire”..

It isn’t merely an endless relational-loop of fine-tuning your masculine, your feminine, your sex life, your partner and all kinds of circus to try and squeeze pleasure, meaning and joy out of a romantic connection..

And it definitely isn’t a big house, fast car, fancy vacation or even fit, resilient and healthy body..

In fact, in my experience, reaching these “dreams” is not the end goal but the beginning of the journey

For only when a person has fulfilled -to a relatively decent degree- their external cravings, they realize that more of any of that will never suffice.

This is the reason lots of young millionaires and lottery ticket winners kill themselves a bit too early:

They come face to face with an existential void that no person, bank balance or experience – no matter how intense – can ever fulfill.

They’re confronted with a spiritual angst that most people never ever feel because they’re too busy chasing their own next version of “a little better.”

And the truth is that “a little better” is a guaranteed way to eventually crash into meaninglessness.


Nihilism and addiction.

For some it’s drugs, for some it’s money, for most I know it’s work.

Under the disguise of impact and growth pain is kept at bay.

The dog would not know what to do with its tail if it ever caught it.

Therefore he doesn’t.

The game would be over..

And then what?

Well, then the real journey begins.

The inwards journey beyond the limitations of physicality.

The journey towards death:

The death of all that a person believes they are, the cracking of the outer shell of the seed so that a greater expression of life may spring forth.

A process of rebirth that demands total surrender, trust and courage.

This is a process not for those who want more..

It is the quest for those who want it all.

And for that, they just be willing to lose it all.

All of themselves..

All of their fear..

All of their untruths..

Only when a person is ready to lose their mind,

they’ve got a solid chance at finding their heart.


Adventure calls you…

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