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Take a Stand!


Those who are ready to grow will undoubtedly step into greater levels of responsibility.

Whereas those who shrink are bound to relive their lessons over and over until they get it.

This will go on until they decide to expand their container – therefore becoming able to navigate life at a bigger scale.

The question is not IF life will demand more from us.

The question is WHEN.

We were recently talking with Oscar Soto and reflecting on the past few years of coaching.

We were celebrating the changes we had seen some people make.

Truly remarkable!

From being needy, insecure, intense and socially miscalibrated to finding their grounded center, forging their integrity and impacting their own communities.

We have also seen men and women take course after course and change only gradually. Battling the same demons they were having when we first met them…

Only with a different packaging 🧐

So what makes the difference?

What has a person go through a profound shift, while another barely makes anything out of it?

Even though they both go through “the same” experience…

The difference is the exact same that will have some people come out the quarantine as a totally new and upgraded version of themselves 

And some other come out as the same (Or even worse) than when this all started.

That difference is:


For one person transformation is an option.

For the committed one there’s no other option.

One is a maybe.

The other a must.

One has set direction, intention and attention to a new level of living – and will honour that no matter the cost.

The other has a desire for a type of life he/she would like – but will not honour it with aligned action.

Especially not when it’s hard.

So which one are you?

Where do you stand when it comes to your life?

Do you commit?

Or you are among the first to abandon ship when the going gets tough?⠀


In life you can have the life, relationships and inner fortitude you want.

Or you can have a bag full of stories about why you can’t, why you won’t or why not yet.

Never both.

Your actions reflect what team you’ve decided to support.

Transformation is not a process of gradual, slow, passive change.

Transformation is a declaration!

A stand!

A decision forged from the heart!

Anything else is a lukewarm attempt at life 👊🏼

If you are ready to make the biggest stand of your life, I invite you to join us at the Rebirth Retreat.