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So what’s REALLY in an Ayahuasca cup?

June 23, 2023


In short: Heightened Consciousness.

In long:

✅ An opportunity to face your fears so that they stop running your life

✅ A window into your past history and trauma so you can heal all that was left in chaos from your childhood

✅ An invitation to see your life play out in front of you from a 3rd person’s perspective so that you can outgrow unhealthy patterns and blind spots you’ve been stuck in

✅ A chance to connect and feel your body, mind and heart in a more profound way that you have known so far

✅ A glimpse into what “God”, Divinity, Truth and the essence of life are like

✅ An opportunity to DIE so that you can stop fearing death and start understanding its beauty and purpose in life – and how necessary it is to shake hands with it

✅ The courage needed to finally let go of all sorts of sicknesses, pathologies and heaviness you’ve been carrying

✅ The chance to understand the root cause of your physical and mental imbalances so that you can pluck it from the roots and feel what it’s like to be fully healthy

✅ A window of opportunity to ask literally anything you’d like! (somewhat akin to having spiritual google at your fingertips)

✅ An opportunity to see your life with just enough distance so that you can make sensible choices that will benefit you

✅ A true possibility of reaching closure, letting go of toxic relationships, healing from heartache, forgiving yourself and others for the things you did and didn’t do..

…and in some cases, a glimpse into future situations, people and karmas that are coming your way and advice on how to navigate them.

In essence, plant medicine is an opportunity to go deeper within your mind, heart, body and spirit so that you can -from a place of clarity- heal, grow and let go of all that is no longer serving you.

It is a solid chance (and a very powerful one at that) for a person to experience things that, in just a few nights, have the opportunity of fully re-adjusting the course of their life.

In short, a drastic redirectioning and reorientation of one’s priorities, energies and actions in life.

For reference, at our healing centre we’ve successfully treated and helped people from all walks of life heal:

🍏heroine, crack, cocaine and alcohol addicttion

🍏anxiety, depression and stress-induced illnesses


🍏sexual and emotional abuse

🍏confusion around their life path and purpose

🍏cancer and chronic ailments


🍏food and sex addictions

🍏codependency and unhealthy attachment tendencies

Among MANY MANY more…

This is why I giggle when someone -out of ignorance- says that Ayahuasca is just a drug…

Because I don’t remember the last time someone binge-drank their way into a healthier body, or smoked up themselves into a healed childhood.

Ayahuasca is an ancestral science that has been around for far longer than modern medicine has.

A tool to treat things that today’s doctors fail to even understand and comprehend, in their anxious attempts to separate mind from heart, body and soul.

I’ve seen miracles happen during ceremony that if I hadn’t been there, I would’ve never believed possible.. yet I reserve most of these stories because most people aren’t ready or open enough to consider them a possibility.

Yet the beauty of this ancestral medicine/science is that you don’t need to believe in anything, not even God or energies, in order to have a first hand experience of your inner world.

And once you do, nothing is ever the same.

So, what’s REALLY inside an ayahuasca cup?

A chance to come home to your Self.


PS: Adventure calls you… 

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