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Not a lot of people can say they’ve drank Ayahuasca over a dozen times with their mother.. 

October 14, 2023


Done kambo next to each other and laughed at the ridiculous and miraculous divine play of life.

🪣 Bucket on one hand, tissues on the other and tears rolling down our cheeks.. it does not get much more intimate than that.

Not everyone can openly look into their mother’s eyes and say “I love you” from the heart, and hear “me too” back.

So I cherish our connection deeply.

During my last retreat I was reminded of the importance of honoring our parents, starting with the mother.

So today I want to honor you mom.

Thank you for gifting me this life I love so much.

None of it would be possible without you.

Thank you for all the lessons, through beauty and chaos, that shaped me into the man I am today.

A man I’m proud of.

Thank you for having an open mind and being a friend in the path of self-realization, sharing all kinds of practices, plant medicines and deep conversations.

Thank you for being the living embodiment of transformation, forgiveness and joy.

For your strength, devotion and huge heart.

I pray we may share a lot more adventures in the future, in this life and beyond it.

Love you mom!