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“I went with it. I made the choice to go into darkness.. and on the other side I felt and saw in that moment that I was actually God.”⁠ J. Hudson

August 26, 2023


Before we continue, please do not let the word “God” confuse you – None of the work I do is about religiosity, blind faith or woo-woo, new agey spirituality⁠

⁠In fact, those who come to the retreat are surprised at how practical it all is (I reserve philosophizing for social media)⁠

⁠Anyways, Justin’s experience is NOT an isolated one.⁠

⁠Several people come with all sorts of intentions, ailments, confusions and chaos they want to sort out internally.⁠

⁠Whether it is past trauma or the accumulated years of not being themselves, the loss of a loved one or a failed marriage..⁠

⁠And while most of that can be easily handled and healed, the deeper reason people are here for (sometimes unknown to them) is the search for something bigger.⁠

⁠God. Great Spirit. The Creator. The Essence of the Universe. The Tao. Samadhi. Love.⁠

⁠You name it…⁠

⁠That energy that is at the core of everything that exists. ⁠

Justin had a lived experience of being the creator, not a mere philosophy or idea but a tangible process more real than anything else.⁠

⁠THIS is the essence of my work:⁠

⁠To guide people back to themselves, to KNOW themselves, to MEET themselves and to understand that everything else is nothing by garments gathered along the journey.⁠

⁠Once that meeting happens, NOTHING is ever the same.⁠

⁠Problems, traumas and confusions are resolved effortlessly once the energy of creation is vibrant and alive within you (as a live experience and not a mere idea).⁠

⁠Connecting to God means connecting to that place within that has infinite wisdom, power, acceptance, love and responsibility.

⁠For clients to connect to this point it takes a serious commitment from their end, but once they come to the core of who they are.. their next steps become clear.⁠

⁠For confusion is a side-effect of not knowing who you truly are or what you truly want.⁠

⁠and KNOWING yourself, the antidote to that.⁠

Now, for those wanting more practical and measurable “results”, Justin went from being someone over concerned with pleasing, being kind and saving others (white knight syndrome) often at the expense of himself (which had led to an inevitable divorce)..

To being a dynamic man who has followed his instincts and travelled the world since, lived in a few countries and created beautiful romantic connections along his journey.

He is unapologetically sharing himself and his message with the world (something he had challenges with before) while smiling along the way.

⁠Adventure calls you…

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