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“I don’t care if you decide you want to dance and become a ballerina.. Whatever you decide you want to do, just commit do doing it well.”

November 14, 2023


These were the exact words off my father’s mouth after I had just finished my business university degree and told him I was considering to become a tattoo artist instead..

“Whatever you do with order and discipline you’ll be successful at. Just don’t ever do anything in a mediocre way.”

I feel very fortunate that I have a father that has always supported me in pursuing whatever made me happy, even if it didn’t make sense to him.

From going to the heart of Bogotá’s drug dealing alleys to help me buy underground punk rock CDs and spikes for my jacket when I was 14…

To joining me in over a dozen Ayahuasca ceremonies, staying up until the sunrise next to each other as we gazed into the fire listening to the ripples of medicine music and birds singing..

I’ve always felt capable and worthy of my dreams thanks to his unwavering support and down to earth guidance.

I love you dad! ♥️

Thank you for teaching me through your example what dedication, commitment, responsibility and ease look like.

I feel privileged to be your son.