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Grateful to be wrapping up “The Sacred Path” retreat in Colombia.

September 8, 2023


🔥 Together with the group we explored hidden natural gems that haven’t yet been stained by the touch of tourism en-masse, crystalline waterfalls and honey-water-rivers, green paradises, 500+ year old trees, thunder-storm filled jungles and sacred forests.

Heightened awareness, community, Ayahuasca, Tobacco, Coca leaf, fasting food and fasting sleep, breath and cold water were some of the medicines that embraced us through this journey of transformation.

Some came to shake hands with their past and their fear, their self-abandonment, unresolved childhood trauma and deteriorating physical health..

Some came to reignite their love, passion and compassion in their relationships.. understanding where things had gone wrong and returning back into harmony.

And some other came to be touched by something greater so that they could become instruments of the creator, done living a limited superficial life, ready to be forged through the fire into powerful heart-based leaders set on serving humanity at a large scale.

In essence, we all walked our very own Sacred Path.

Whether it was releasing and healing..

reconnecting & loving..

or transcending and serving.

Nature has a way of handing us the exact lessons, situations and people we need given where we’re at.

And everyone got what they needed..


Thank you to the incredible group that got together, our elder, shamans, teachers and medicine people who shared all of themselves so that we could all return to ourselves.
For those of you who missed this, stay tuned!

Adventure calls you… 🌱

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