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Eternal gratitude to all the visible and invisible, inner and outer, light and dark forces that endlessly conspire in our favor

July 7, 2023


I am reminded that every challenge life hands us is a gift, every difficult moment an opportunity to learn and every ounce of pain an invitation to remember that- at the core of our heart- we are untouchable.

Basking in the beauty and grace that life continues pouring unto me, I asked myself “why am I sitting in ceremony if I already have it all? There’s nothing more I could get..”

I was then invited by a friend to consider that, only when you have it all, a higher question arises:

Can I give it all?

Can I go the full way, leaving no stone unturned?

Can I offer myself fully to the life that pulses through me?

Because the only way that you can amplify a life already full of blessings is by sharing them..

And the only way to have more – when you already have it all – is by learning to give it all away.

Pouring your heart without measure in everything you do

everyone you meet

the way you walk

And the way you breathe.

To become so empty of yourself (the tangled mess of thoughts and emotions you assume you are) so that what’s at the core may come up.

Here’s a toast to the journey ahead.

To a live of devotion towards that which lies in my heart.

To a higher trust and deeper understanding for this magical experience we call life.

Adventure calls you…

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