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Are you done playing little boy games?

June 27, 2023


Pretending that your life is okay and keeping the mask on through another day

Busy with work, family, friends..

Maybe alcohol, drugs, sex and video games

Not ready (willing) to face the truth.

YOUR truth.

Has it been enough yet?

Or will you wait for more chaos and pain to sip in until you do something about it?

There is a rare opportunity that will only come 1 or 2 times in your life as a man.

A moment of so much pain, confusion and waves of emotions so intense..

That you start to wonder how you got here…

And you start to listen.

You ask how, when, and WHY did you lose yourself along the road..

Often in a relationship, for heartbreak is one of the greatest catalysts.

If you are going through this, there is a small window that is being opened in front of you.

This window of pain and self-reflection bring about a quality of presence and surrender that most men never touch.

And with the right guidance and support from other Men, this window can become a door.

A door into a kingdom.

The kingdom of the NEW you.

The REAL you.

A rite of passage into the Man that you know you could be.

But a Man you will never be as long as you keep playing little boy games

Numbing out, faking it, distracting, pretending that it is okay.

Waiting until your body passes you the bill with some sort of ‘random’ illness.

NOTHING is random.

I know because I was there.

And pain does not just evaporate

And clarity does not magically come

You have to draw a line on the sand and claim it.

You have to step fully into it and say NO MORE.

You must take a leap of faith into the unknown.

YOUR unknown.

YOUR undressed darkness.

YOUR fears.

Only then, you have a real chance at bringing lasting order into the chaos that today you find yourself in.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

For fighting dragons is easier when accompanied by other Men who have defeated them before.

I’m taking a handful of great men into the mountains of Colombia.

Men who are done with incremental change, and are ready for Transformation.

Men ready for rebirth.

Men like you, ready to use this window of opportunity in their life to change it all.

We will explore -assisted by women- what it means to be a man in a sacred setting.

Then we will dive into 5 sacred ceremonies, led by shamanic warriors from the Amazon jungle, to face the ultimate challenge:

Your inner world.

And come to the other side as the Man that you are.

Are you ready?

Adventure calls you…

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