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Private Ayahuasca Ceremonies


Last month one of the Shamans that works with us held a private ceremony for the CEO of an International Bank.

He wanted privacy for obvious reasons.

He’s a very well known and influential man so his career (and how his peers perceive him) could be negatively impacted if they knew he had decided to drink ayahuasca.

So he did not want to risk having someone take pictures and for his participation in this healing process to go mainstream.

But also, he had the resources and realized that if he was going to drink medicine, he would feel a lot safer and more comfortable having the Shaman’s undivided attention (as well as the facilitators’ focused support).

He did not want to be worried about what could happen or whether people would judge him. He wanted to go deep and did not want to hold back – so he felt safer exploring the darkest parts of himself without any strangers around him.

Long story short, he had a profound experience of healing and coming back to himself.

What he thought life was, its meaning and his purpose were flipped upside down (in a good way)

So much that he already decided to come back with his partner and his family.

Why am I sharing this?

Two reasons:

The first reason, to shine light on the fact that the “world leaders” (although I do not like to refer to them as such) are waking up.

People of influence, bankers, politicians and entrepreneurs are all coming to the realization that deep peace, joy and a life of meaning cannot be achieved through power, money or external success.

Those things will bring you comfort – lots of it!

And freedom to buy a lot of varied experiences.

But never fulfillment.

In conversations with 7+ figure earners I have seen them bursting with anxiety and fear upon encountering a problem that won’t get solved instantly by just throwing money at it.

Wealthy men and women finally feeling and getting in touch with so much pain that was hiding deep inside.

Realizing that a big part of their life had been spent in addiction and distraction, trying to find hobbies, activities and chasing “peak high” experiences to try and numb this pain.

And I have seen them flip the switch (for the better!)

Because a person of influence and resources, once connected to his/her heart, becomes an unstoppable force of nature.

Powerful change-makers whose skills and competence start being oriented towards the greater good.

They become the people history talks about. People whose legacy goes on forever.

So as ugly and dark as the media may be painting the world to be – there’s a deep awakening happening at all levels.

There’s work to do, yes, but the path ahead is very promising ✊🏽🔥

The second reason I’m sharing this is because I’m excited to announce that we have decided to start publicly offering Tailored / Private plant medicine retreats.

So whether it is your marriage you’re seeking to heal and reignite…

Or your family you want to bring closer together...

Your employees/business partners you want to align with at a way deeper level...

Or your coaching clients you’d like to treat 🙂

I’m happy to explore with you what it is you are seeking, so we can co-create a private, tailored experience that will become the biggest gift you give to yourself (and your loved ones) this year.