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A common thread that has showed up during this current Rebirth Experience is that of perfection and acceptance.

July 5, 2023


Some of our students noticed that everything is in perfect harmony in nature – and follows a very incredible design pattern (just look at plants or insects)

Yet somehow, we see ourselves (and humans in general) as inherently flawed and become disconnected from our very own natural design.

Most people are quick to recognize the perfection in nature but forget that they too are a part of nature herself.

And that perfection is the state of something ever evolving, learning and growing – for you won’t find an ultimately “complete” or perfect tree or animal… And that’s the beauty of it.

Perfectionism is therefore living under the illusion that a “final” and complete state is achievable on anything we do – yet it’s ultimately nothing but fear disguised as virtue.

The moment we welcome the moment as it is, we can both recognize the perfection of what has unfolded – and inform the direction in which we’d desire it to unfold.

Adventure calls you…

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