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5 Insights from our Ayahuasca Retreat in Colombia

September 30, 2023


– Embrace, not Endure. These are the only two choices we will always have. Pain and difficult times will come but grace is found in how we navigate them.

– Clarity of vision and commitment to a direction takes only one moment to arrive to, developing ourselves into the people that can bring it forth is a process that demands discipline, consistency and above all patience.

Our relationship with our mother has within it the very own flavour of our relationship with life and nature, therefore untangling all unresolved issues and arriving to a space of acceptance and respect is foundational to living a fulfilling life.

– God and the elements are our original ancestors. The source of creation is our very first grandmother/grandfather. We are literally made out of magic. Walking miracles that forget what their life is about and -a great place to start knowing who we are- is understanding where we come from (starting with our parents and culture.)

– Profound spiritual sensitivity and enhanced perception of life must happen only after you’ve trained your mind to embrace all that is beautiful, ugly, good and malevolent without discrimination.

Failure to transcend dual thinking will ensure your mind breaks the closer you try to move to being truly present with ALL of life.

With that said, the source of creation is always found at the other side of whatever (and whoever) we are present to.

And as Ram Dass said “you don’t worship the gate, go further.”

There was so much more to put into simple bullet points..

Participants experienced moments of forgiveness for others and themselves, freed themselves from guilt and shame, reconnected to their heart as a cornerstone from which to build their business consciously, embraced their parents and rekindled their desire for closer connection with family, were given practical homework for their transformation and found true, deep abundance in their relationship with life (far above what vast sums of money had provided for them so far.)

I’m forever grateful for the medicine, our land, our elder and the ancestral traditions that have been passed down to us to allow for our community to start being recognized by different authorities as one of the most integral and best guided places in the world to sit with plant medicine.

Adventure calls you…

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