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⚱️Here’s the gold from these previous weeks of ceremony, service and immersion in nature


The gift of the masculine is consciousness & wisdom, the gift of the feminine is love and beauty.

Too much ‘love’ (unchecked compassion) and you will enable someone’s lack of personal responsibility.

Too much ‘truth’ and dry discipline and you create a tyrannical environment where the other is bound to rebel.

True Love is that:
A mix of Truth & Love.

A loving embrace but never one that shelters another from the consequences of their own actions.

A straight, wise word but never one that punishes or casts another out of your heart.

Relationships require you to be loving AND wise.

Learning to discern when the other needs a hug and when they need to sit with their own pain alone.

⚜️ Those who fail to educate, punish.

This is especially true about parenting but also applies to how we relate to our development.

Punishment is the result of frustration, which is the result of lack of responsibility when it comes to educating someone.

⚜️ Humility is to recognize the garbage we have inside without thinking we’re garbage.

⚜️ Medicine isn’t in a drug, but neither it’s in a plant. Medicine is in the love and compassion with which we are present to another.

It’s a moment of attention and an act of affection.

It’s not in rushing to give someone a solution or “fix” them out of their pain.

It’s in meeting them in that tender human place that suffers, without losing sight of our deeper truth.

It’s to see and embrace ours and another’s pain, without drowning in it.

Remembering that there’s always that place of stillness at the core of our heart:

The eye of the storm,
the silence between notes..

And to remain connected to it, as we surf the waves of bliss and grief that come with being alive.

The root of sickness and trauma is disconnection..

Medicine is Connection.

⚜️ Modern cities aren’t built in supportive ways for deep spiritual processes or heightened sensitivity.

The pollution of air, sound, water and sight are a permanent hole where one’s energies leak.

Communion with nature is essential for anyone serious about spiritual growth.

More to come! 🙏🏽