The Warrior's Way


A 5 day Shamanic Journey Into The Unknown


The Warrior’s Way
 is a 5-Days ALL-Inclusive experience where you will take a break from the world around you in the depths of nature to understand the blind spots that keep you STUCK and hold you back from deep fulfillment, 
let go of everything that is no longer serving you and reconnect to the true, sacred essence of your life..

So that you can finally be FULLY present and at peace, deeply connected to your loved ones, crystal clear on your life’s purpose and full of vitality in your body to effortlessly follow it.



If you have had the feeling that there is something more to relationships and life that you may be missing out on, or maybe you experience an underlying unexplainable longing..


Or if you have reached a point where you are no longer willing to accept ongoing Anxiety, Depression and Disconnection as the way you have to live your life (feeling always on edge, heavily medicated and/or completely numb to your human experience.)


I invite you to consider that the work to be done is no longer in the space of ‘doing’ and ‘learning’
but rather one of letting go, releasing and unlearning.

The shift you are seeking may not come through just another workshop, online course, yoga class, meditation technique or healthy food protocol.


You may be at a point where you are now ready to shed the final layers of who you thought you were up until now to make room for who you know deep inside that you can be:


A being whose peace of mind, healthy body and open heart fuel his/her every aspect of life.


A being living a life full of beautiful relationships, heart-aligned work and unshakable, lasting joy.


 So that your mental, emotional and physical health STOP being the reason you don’t live life on your terms and start becoming your best allies in your day-to-day activities.


This is a sacred healing space where you will adventure to and through the blockages that keep you stuck in repetitive patterns of feeling, being and relating. Once you become intimate with the darkest parts of yourself, you will be able to integrate the wisdom, power and stagnant energy they carry.


You will be free from the invisible, inner threads that have been rigging your life up until now.


Who This Adventure Is For

This is ONLY for those people willing to take FULL responsibility over the quality of their life.


People who feel the calling for something deeper in their hearts.


A mystical, transcendental experience.


Or a profound, final step in their journey of healing.


Whether it is negative emotional experiences that you were unable to fully process in the past or ingrained beliefs and thinking patterns that seem confusing or impossible to come out of – If you are able to finally release everything that gets in the way of true intimacy with the world – you will tap into a forgotten source of love, appreciation, energy and inspiration.

This is for those ready for A TRUE blank slate. 

" In its proper ceremonial setting, under compassionate and experienced guidance, the plant—or, as tradition has it, the spirit of the plant—puts people in touch with their repressed pain and trauma, the very factors that drive all dysfunctional behaviours. Consciously experiencing our primal pain loosens its hold on us. Thus may ayahuasca achieve in a few sittings what many years of psychotherapy can only aspire to. It may also allow people to re-experience inner qualities long been missing in action, such as wholeness, trust, love and a sense of possibility. People quite literally remember themselves."

- Dr. Gabor Mate


“Things in my life got to a place where they felt stuck.

I was doing all the things: Yoga, eating well, meditation..

But I felt like I needed something more.

The main takeaway, which is the best one is that

I connected with something bigger and

I learned that no matter how I live my life, it is all okay.  “

Dr. Ryan Lee – Therapist

” ..I’m just NOT interested in being the way that I was before..

I had heard that this could be the equivalent to 10 years of therapy in a short period of time and having done quite a lot of therapy and really appreciating therapy- this just blows it out of the water.

I think 10 years is an understatement.

I’ve been to workshops before and this feels different. There’s nothing like it! 

J. T. Hudson – Investment Advisor

“Your life will open up in unexpected ways.

It will feel like a miracle! “

Eduardo Juarez


It was EXACTLY what I needed.

If you feel stuck..
If you feel you need a new page in your life..
If you are craving a completely different kind of adventure or experience..
If you feel there is something holding you back..

Just do this!

You will profit for the rest of your life. “

P. Korbulak – Security Expert

So…What’s Included?

  • A 5 Days Transformational Process 
  • 4 Ayahuasca  “Yage” Ceremonies w/ Colombian Shaman
  • Intimate Group Sizes (10-20 participants)
  • Tobacco Purge
  • Daily integration circles led by a facilitator
  • Yoga and embodiment practices
  • Sound bath + Meditations
  • 1 Inipi (Temazcal) Dakota Sweat Lodge ceremony
  • Herbal bath cleanses & Stinging Nettle Therapy
  • Education on the use of Tobacco, Ortiga, Ambil & Mambe as healing and consciousness tools
  • On-Site Physician Available for Consultation
  • Private Talk with Shaman Jeronimo Delgado
  • All meals prepared in a conscious way with fresh organic, chemical-free, local products
  • Follow up, group integration calls
  • Food is Medicine – Recipe Cookbook (after the retreat)
  • Digital Access to the “Icaros” and Medicine music from the shaman and andean musicians.
  • Cleansing ceremony under the crystaline waterfall stream in the womb of these sacred lands
  • And much more!
  • COST: $1500 USD

 The Maloka (medicine temple)

This Experience takes place in the midst of an Ayahuasca Community located in the depths of a sacred forest in Guarne, Colombia.

This temple has been consecrated by some of the most respected shamans across South America, and every single one of its pillars has a story, a prayer and a blessing to support the spiritual journey of those who step into it.

We will have a chance to go to the river and shower in pure, crystalline waterfall water, walk around the land and enjoy the beauty that comes from these days immersed in sacred nature, away from the city’s noise.

The Ayahuasca Ceremonies

The ceremonies will be guided by the land’s shaman Jeronimo Delgado and his maestro, Taita Henrii Muchavisoy* so you’re in the hands of two of the most trustworthy and big-hearted men in the plant medicine world.

In Colombia, Ayahuasca is called “Yage” which is somewhat different from the way in which Ayahuasca is prepared traditionally. According to the elder, Yage is a brew that carries a stronger effect, especially the medicine we will be drinking: Yage Tigre (Tiger)

It is a no-stone-left-unturned kind of medicine, which can be quite confrontational but at the same time loving and healing.

We will end the experience with a Dakota Sweat Lodge in order to cleanse our bodies, energies and ground our minds.

We will share a few other native medicines (non-psychoactive) that make part of the indigenous daily rituals, including tobacco, coca leaf, bitter and sweet herbs, caguana brew and more.

*Subject to dates/availability



Food as Medicine

The menu is mostly vegan (and we are happy to adapt to specific allergies and food restrictions of each participant)

Bear in mind that a few of the days we will be in a fasted state to be able to have a deeper process with the medicine.

However, in the ayahuasca tradition the second most important place after the temple is the community’s kitchen.

Beside the quality of the food that you are eating, the energy of those who prepare them is embedded into every meal that you digest. Therefore drinking a glass of water given to you by someone boiling with anger, just amounts to drinking poison.

We have a team of assistants deep into their spiritual journey cooking for the participants, every cook takes a cold river shower and is cleansed before allowed into the kitchen. The cooking process is accompanied by prayers and medicine music.

This ensures that your medicine journeys are supported by the prayers and blessings bestowed upon the meals that you’ll have.


10 spots available


COST $1500  USD All-Inclusive




Taita Henrii Muchavisoy

Taita Henrii Muchavisoy


Crowned shaman from the Inga tribe, Yunguillo – Amazonas

20+ years of experience working with Ayahuasca

Nicolas Canon

Nicolas Canon

Retreat Leader

Head Coach

Embodiment and Inner work facilitator.

7+ years supporting the conscious evolution of people around the globe.



Jeronimo Delgado

Jeronimo Delgado


Community founder.

10+ years of experience working with Ayahuasca and supporting thousands of people on their healing

Dr. Catalina Munar

Dr. Catalina Munar

In-house Doctor.

Health Supervisor

Expert in both western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and ancestral medicine.

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