Well.. Hi! And I’m glad you are curious.

My name is Nicolas Canon and I was born in Bogota – Colombia.

Growing up I was extremely introverted. It was so bad that I would stutter and my body would shake if I had to talk with an adult or with a woman.

One day I watched a movie about kids with autism and was convinced that I was autistic and secretly hoped nobody would find out.

Since socializing and playing with other kids was not my forte, I spent so much time in solitude reading and inquiring about life.

This curiosity kickstarted my spiritual journey at age 14. So I devoured mail-in courses on everything I could find related to yoga, spirituality, plant medicines, tantra, meditation and more.

While other kids were playing soccer I was going to nearby secluded mountains to meditate and recite mantras. While their attention was on the next party, I was reading and exploring about Ayahuasca and plant medicines.

That was until puberty hit me!

Suddenly my solitude and “autism” were no longer my friends. I loved women and felt very attracted to them, yet I felt limited in my ability to be at ease and fully self expressed.

So I deviated from the spiritual path and became obsessed with the polarity of the masculine/feminine dance, with social dynamics, with communication skills and so on.

Right after highschool I moved to Toronto – Canada, where I made it my primary focus to become social and good with women.

And I transformed.


I went from being the shyest and quietest boy in school to being the polar opposite: a cocky, loud, and obnoxious frat guy.

At this point I was thrilled with the newfound sense of power and attention I was receiving, but above all – with my own ability to create myself from scratch into the person I (thought) I wanted to be.

Over the next 8 years I ended up living in different cities around the world and becoming totally at ease with “starting from scratch” in places I did not know.

I felt I had mastered the social aspect of life and the inner dimension of being at peace in the face of uncertainty, fear and challenges.

(And ofcourse, after a few heartbreaks my obnoxious and cockiness turned into vulnerability and humility.)

I ended up being invited to become part of the Ars Amorata coaching team. Ars Amorata is a movement/philosophy that celebrates the art of seduction, the rebirth of romance, and a lifelong quest for beauty and adventure.

Working with the Ars Amorata allowed me to use the skills and abilities that I had acquired in my personal journey to help hundreds of men across the globe to become a more self-actualized, vibrant and internally-defined version of themselves.

My focus over the next years became conscious dating and relationships. I traveled the world teaching, coaching and learning from leading experts on these topics.

I was able to help men who were stuck in self-consciousness or a pattern of toxicity (as I had been) and guide them into becoming aware, confident and a connected MEN. 



Around the same time, I launched my own tattooing business and in a matter of months it grew to generate up to mid five figures monthly.

I couldn’t help but notice how my early spiritual journey had provided me with a deep and practical understanding of how my mind, body and energies work – which made it fast and simple for me to re-design myself, transform and change every area of my life I set my focus on. (And teach this to others)

From the romantic and relational aspects, to self-love, financial abundance and freedom.

They say that the true spiritual path only starts once you’ve achieved “everything” you dreamt of and realize that it is “not enough”. And I felt that way… so I went back to Colombia and picked up where I had left: The Spiritual Journey.

I dove deep and decided to learn and work with an Indigenous Amazonian Shaman and the sacred Ayahuasca traditions. Over this period (which is still going) I have been able to further understand and ground the realizations I had before – And learn to transmit them to others.

I also realized that the spirituality we have been sold is mostly bypassing. Mostly avoiding. Mostly disconnecting.



And this is why WE are here!
You and I.

My goal is to integrate the ancestral wisdom together with all the years of coaching experience, in order to provide people with a practical way of living a better life.


Through my posts, videos and events I aim to share the tools, perspectives and practices that have given me and my clients exponential financial, relational and spiritual growth.



For gifting me your attention and being part of this beautiful journey.


5 Days Workshop + 5 Days Ayahuasca Retreat

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