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The 2 Keys To An Amazing Relationship

Let's face it. Every relationship is different. However, the following two traits are the fundamental basis to healthy connections. Lacking them, or dating a partner who lacks them, will inevitably result in break ups, cheating, lies, resentment, and wasted years. Not...

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ASKNICO: The woman I love has a boyfriend

"Hi Nicolas! Thank you for opening up this space for questions. I need some advice. I had seen this girl on a friend's Facebook photos couple of times and always felt drawn to her and found her very attractive. About a month ago I was hanging out with my friend and...

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5) Everything is available to you. At all times.

This is the final and most recent lesson I have come across in my first 25 laps around the sun: Everything is available to me, at all times. What do I mean by this? I have noticed that regardless of how good or bad our current situation may seem, we always have access...

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#3 – The Power of Community

If you want to go FAST go alone. If you want to go FAR go together. The third biggest insight I've had over the years is directly related to the importance of community. Having the right support network is the defining factor to how fast you bounce back from any lows...

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#2 – Morality is wrong & Normal is an Illusion

What is normal to the spider is hell to the fly The second biggest understanding that I've come to is that there is no such thing as 'normal' or 'natural'. There isn't one rule to measure everything and therefore the world cannot be objectively analyzed as a series of...

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