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I create meaningful art and words around love, lust and beauty



Tattoo Artist. Writer. Coach.

During the past 5 I have been traveling around the world creating art. From oil paintings and watercolours to street graffiti and tattoos. While at the same time, working with hundreds of people in helping them create a better love life. (more passion, connection and fulfillment.)

Every tattoo is an opportunity to connect. A chance to learn and to share. To see another’s world and what is important to them, while giving them a part of my own heart in the process. A chance to grow together and end up with more than a beautiful piece of art on the body.

Through art, stories and conversations, Sparks can be ignited. Fires started & Lives changed!



The Alchemy of Life

Anger, despair, frustration, sadness, joy, excitement, lust, passion, rage, ecstasy are all just condensed energy being manifested in different ways. 
 Every emotion we feel is an expression of our inner reality. It creates a bridge for us to explore and understand...

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Traveling: A metaphor for living

TRAVEL We are all tourists. Some like the immersive, wild, spontaneous experience of backpacking, going with the flow, creating life as it happens. Some like the comfort, security and safety of a well defined agenda. Everything planned and organized, hotels booked,...

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What if we got ‘Enlightenment’ all wrong?

What if enlightenment was not about seeking oneness and wholeness? what if that’s already taken care of, once we die. What if we got it all wrong? what if our spiritual path is not about struggling to feel one with everything and everyone and instead, it was about...

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The Beauty of Heartbreak

Walking on the streets of the old town in Warsaw, I remember my first time here. Exactly one year ago. I was invited to speak at a conference for men about love, romance, seduction and beauty. I was supposed to open the last day, and I had written down a lot of ideas...

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Tattoos are more than art, more than meaning, more than fashion, and more than a statement about who we are. I believe they are a transcendental spiritual experience. And at times, a rite of passage. A beautiful metaphor for life. The more you resist and get tense...

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A blog a day while away - I realize that I have not written much this year, if at all. So for each of the upcoming days I will pour my mind out until I am back in Toronto.   Sitting with a glass of water by my laptop on the airplane tray on my way to Warsaw, I can’t...

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Looking through old pictures in my phone I discovered, among the countless food snaps and memes, a picture of a tree I saw during a walk in a natural park in Xishuanbanna, China. The picture consisted of a robust tree (at least 4 meters in diameter and about 20 in...

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The ‘Non-Negotiables’ of Relationships

In relationships, sometimes we come to a point where a demand is made of us, or of our partner, and it implies something that we are not willing to give up from who we are or something we are not open to accept from them. The question then becomes: How much do I...

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The 2 Keys To An Amazing Relationship

Let's face it. Every relationship is different. However, the following two traits are the fundamental basis to healthy connections. Lacking them, or dating a partner who lacks them, will inevitably result in break ups, cheating, lies, resentment, and wasted years. Not...

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