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I create meaningful art and words around love, lust and beauty



Tattoo Artist. Writer. Coach.

During the past 5 I have been traveling around the world creating art. From oil paintings and watercolours to street graffiti and tattoos. While at the same time, working with hundreds of people in helping them create a better love life. (more passion, connection and fulfillment.)

Every tattoo is an opportunity to connect. A chance to learn and to share. To see another’s world and what is important to them, while giving them a part of my own heart in the process. A chance to grow together and end up with more than a beautiful piece of art on the body.

Through art, stories and conversations, Sparks can be ignited. Fires started & Lives changed!



From Numbness to Aliveness

Transition 🔥 From the mundane to the magical. From routine to adventure. From numbness to aliveness. Nostalgia for what was. Excitement for what's coming! Traveling is like a change of seasons for the soul. In moments like this I cannot help but reflect on my life,...

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DIE to all that you are NOT!

When is the last time you died? Courtains down. Show over. Silence. When is the last time your heart stopped? Time disappeared and your idea of who you were ashed away. No "I" to refer back to. When was the last time you faced the end of it all? And how did you feel?...

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What Do You Create?

To create is to make someone feel...Inspired, nostalgic, sad, excited, turned on, reflective, alive, touched. To gift the other with an experience. It can be through art, words, music, play, but the most powerful of creations is our presence. How do people feel when...

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This Too IS Okay

I used to think Mental Health was something lazy people made up to excuse their poor thinking. I had never in my life experienced anxiety. Depression or anything like that. Yeah I was a super introverted and shy kid growing up, with a lot of self judgements and flaws,...

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Healthy Love, Unconditional Love

"National boyfriend day"? - Bitch please! 💁🏻‍♂️ More like "National who-I-settled-for-because-Im-afraid-of-being-alone-and-doing-my-inner-work Day". Not hating, just calling it like it is. (And of course there are exceptions!) But I've found that most people join...

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Allow Yourself to Slow Down

Sometimes life's challenges are as easily solved as the issues with our laptops. All we need to do is to unplug for some time. Reset. Disconnect from all of it and then start again. Sometimes it's taking a nap in the midst of a heavy week. Or going for a walk at the...

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How do YOU choose to live?

Most self proclaimed "awakened" people I have met are full of shit. Spirituality has everything to do about how we choose to live, and not what we do. Why bother trying to open your chakras if you can't open the door for that old lady behind you? What's the point of a...

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The Universe Will Always Provide

The road to getting what we want often looks a lot different than we expected. And this is a beautiful thing. Sometimes life's most memorable gifts are wrapped in apparent wrong turns, seemingly bad luck and failed attempts. Sometimes not getting what we want right...

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My First Burning Man

This photo sums up my Burning Man experience While the depth of emotions, variety of experiences, ups, downs, challenges, blessings and both magical and scary moments, are too much to condense (for a later post). It comes down to this: Art. The art of meeting people...

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