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I create meaningful art and words around love and beauty



During the past 10 years I have been creating art. From oil paintings and watercolour drawings to street graffiti and body art.

Every piece of art is an opportunity to connect. A chance to learn and to share, to see another’s world and what is important to them, while giving them a part of my own heart in the process.

A chance to grow together and end up with more than a beautiful piece of art.

Through art, stories and conversations, Sparks can be ignited, fires started & Lives changed!



On Assumptions

IS THERE SOMEONE YOU REALLY, REALLY DISLIKE? Someone who just gets on your nerves for no reason. Their mere existence pisses you off. 🙁 or is there someone you dislike just a little? perhaps your roommate when he leaves couple of dishes dirty, perhaps your neighbour...

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Lessons From the Mundane

The idea for this post came up today after I realized something rather silly and somewhat insignificant. It was a very small insight I had and a big DUH! in my brain. However, what I learned from it was rather cool! Recently, I got tattooed in my inner-left forearm....

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Raise Your Frequency

How much of life have we tasted? Most people are alive but not living. Careful calculations make no room for adventure. Always very methodic, weighing each and every word we say to one another. Overthinking whether it was "ok" to text that, to say that, to do that....

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Less “I want” More “I am”

This is one of the biggest misconceptions I see people have, specially when it comes to New Year's goals and resolutions. We want to travel, we want more money, better relationships, a different job perhaps, a sexier body and so on. Nothing wrong with that. You get to...

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Pursuing What’s True

I have given up trying to pursue what's true. I'm more concerned now with what's useful.Obsession with the truth has us taking sides. Ongoingly judging "you're wrong and I'm right!" - Rarely giving it a second thought. Creating separation in the process. Fanatics are...

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Infinite Universes of Expression

There is more to each of us than meets the eye. Whole universes When was the last time you let loose? Last time you had the guts to let your heart lead the way. To go wild. To be fully you. No lukewarm, softened, politically-correct, cautious you. None of that. Just...

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From Numbness to Aliveness

Transition 🔥 From the mundane to the magical. From routine to adventure. From numbness to aliveness. Nostalgia for what was. Excitement for what's coming! Traveling is like a change of seasons for the soul. In moments like this I cannot help but reflect on my life,...

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DIE to all that you are NOT!

When is the last time you died? Courtains down. Show over. Silence. When is the last time your heart stopped? Time disappeared and your idea of who you were ashed away. No "I" to refer back to. When was the last time you faced the end of it all? And how did you feel?...

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Beyond Possibilities

Laying on the beach, staring at the stars. White wine glass on the side (yeah, I'm a simple man of simple tastes) I become present to how much more beautiful a night can be, when reveling in mindfulness. I guess I, sometimes, get too caught up in Toronto's "get shit...

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